Postural Restoration Integrative Multidisciplinary Engagement (PRIME) Program

Knowledgeable, Multi-disiplinary care that finally gives you the tools you need to get back to your life
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Can you relate to these people?

  • “Despite all this treatment I’m still just not getting any better”
  • “I feel I am married to my therapist/ chiropracter/ massage therapist. If I don’t keep going for treatment I just don’t feel good. I wish I could manage this on my own.”
  • “I am working so hard on my therapy and seeing such small results.  I can tell it’s helping but I am just having to work so hard!  Its got to be easier than this.”
  • “I just wish the people working with me would talk to each other and have a consistent plan.  It seems like nobody’s on the same page.”
  • “There’s got to be more going on as to why things aren’t getting better, I just don’t know what it is.”
  • “This PRI stuff is working, I just can’t get it to stick for my patient”

We’ve Been There Too

We understand that people who have long-standing physical issues often struggle to get better with traditional care models.  We’ve had our patients ask all those questions above, and more, and we’ve asked them ourselves.

That’s WHY we created the PRIME program.  We needed answers to address these specific things.

Our PRIME team has developed the knowledge, has the experience and the tools to address issues related to these complex problems.  Once all the causes are addressed in a cohesive manner you will finally have a path to actually get better and get back to living your best life!

Bringing our son to the Hruska Clinic for the PRIME Engagement Program was truly a life changing experience for our whole family.  [Our son] has not had any body pain since leaving Nebraska.  [He] is feeling safer, secure, and good in his body.  We are forever grateful and looking forward to the changes as they continue.

Paige M

Our Team Includes professionals from the following groups… and more

What do I get when I come to PRIME?

  1. A dedicated Case Manager who guides your entire visit.  This person will coordinates your care, communicate with your local PT, and help you through the process.
  2. A TEAM of experts in various fields ready and willing to work together to help you.
  3. The tools (orthotics and activities) you need to get your body functioning at its maximal effectiveness 24 hours a day! (yes even when you are sleeping!)
  4. A plan and roadmap to help you continue to get better after you leave Nebraska
  5. Follow-up communication including virtual follow-up sessions as needed to help you (or your therapist) with any hurdles you may hit in the road ahead

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about how our PRIME program works, from our PRIME team itself, visit our Blog.  Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

What do I need to do to Engage with PRIME?

STEP 1: Apply

Fill out the PRIME application and send it to our Patient Care Coordinator.  

All patients start here.  This application gives us the information we need to determine your next steps.  If there is additional information you think we need or we think we will need we will get it on this step.  If you have other questions feel free to contact us first

Step 2: Plan

Our PRIME staff will review your application and determine the best first steps.  Based on what your specific case looks like, your plan may include online consultation with our staff with you and your current PT (if applicable).  If we feel a trip to Lincoln is needed, we will outline what team members you will need to see and why it will be important for them all to engage with you.  We will set up all appointments for you.

Step 3: Engage

Once a plan is established you will engage with our staff starting with our Patient  Care Coordinator.  Whether we engage with you online or here in Lincoln we will give you new tools and activities to finally start getting better.

Our Blog

Read more about our program and writings from our team at our Blog by clicking here.

PRIME Week Schedule

Click to see what is involved in a typical PRIME week


Hear from some of our past patients and referral sources by clicking here.

Online Consultation

For some people online or virtual consulting with our team is a starting point in engaging with us.  Read more here!

Postural Restoration Integrative Multidisciplinary Engagement™ (PRIME) is a unique treatment option to assist people who are struggling with chronic, difficult to manage issues.   Offered only through the Hruska Clinic™ in Lincoln, Nebraska, our PRIME team helps many people who have not been helped anywhere else.  We seek to help people struggling with chronic issues often associated with imbalance, instability, and difficulty with posture or movement activities.  Many of our patients suffer from confusing symptoms that do not seem to be managed well by traditional means.  Our PRIME team utilizes professionals from several different disciplines coordinating care with each other utilizing Postural Restoration Institute(TM) theory to more effectively assist in managing the whole person and get to the root of the problem rather than just to treat the symptoms.  If you’ve been referred to this website by a practitioner or found it on your own we are happy you are here.  Please look around and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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