Postural Restoration Integrative Multidisciplinary Engagement™ (PRIME)

We help people with ongoing symptoms take control of their issues and start to resolve them on their own, by engaging with our team of practitioners that will help address the root causes of their issues and guide the process to recovery.

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Potential Patients

If you are searching for answers for your chronic, confusing health problems that do not seem to be helped by traditional means, are frustrated by the lack of answers for your symptoms, or just want to learn how a multidisciplinary program could help you, please click here to learn more.

Referring Practitioners

If you are considering engaging with us as a health care practitioner referring a patient or if you are a support person for someone else, click here to learn more how we may be able to help guide the next steps to recovery for your patient or loved one.

Meet Your Team!

Meet the team that will help you navigate your PRIME program.

Even when it seems unclear, they know the way.

You and Your Support Engager

Your engagement with us and the support of loved ones around you is the foundation for success of your program.  Others engaging with you and keeping you grounded throughout the process is paramount for long term success!

PRIME Clinical Integration Specialists and Patient Care Coordinator

You will have a dedicated Clinical Integration Specialist assigned to you to lead the integration of care and communication between all our team members, patients and referral sources.  This team member will be your go-to during and after your time in Lincoln.  Our Patient Care Coordinator, Stacy,  is also available to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after you time in Lincoln.  Learn more here

PRIME Optometry

The visual system, or how you see the world around you, is largely used in your upright postural system.  Learn how we are utilizing the visual system as a tool to manage your postural patterns. 

PRIME Dentistry

The PRIME dental team will assist in managing your head, neck and jaw position in coordination with the other team members.  Learn more about this piece here.

PRIME Podiatry

Click this puzzle piece to learn more how the members of our team from the Physical Therapists to the Podiatrist will help manage activity from the floor up through shoe recommendations and custom foot orthotics, if needed

PRIME Physical Therapist

Your Clincial Integration Specialist will also serve as your Physical Therapist.  They will guide and instruct you in activities and exercises to assist long-term change as you go through your program.  Learn more about their role here.

Our Blog

Read more about our program and writings from our team at our Blog by clicking here.

PRIME Week Schedule

Click to see what is involved in a typical PRIME week


Hear from some of our past patients and referral sources by clicking here.


Interactive map of locations of PRIME team members and recommended lodging
Postural Restoration Integrative Multidisciplinary Engagement™ (PRIME) is a unique treatment option to assist people who are struggling with chronic, difficult to manage issues.   Offered only through the Hruska Clinic™ in Lincoln, Nebraska, our PRIME team helps many people who have not been helped anywhere else.  We seek to help people struggling with chronic issues often associated with imbalance, instability, and difficulty with posture or movement activities.  Many of our patients suffer from confusing symptoms that do not seem to be managed well by traditional means.  Our PRIME team utilizes professionals from several different disciplines coordinating care with each other utilizing Postural Restoration Institute(TM) theory to more effectively assist in managing the whole person and get to the root of the problem rather than just to treat the symptoms.  If you’ve been referred to this website by a practitioner or found it on your own we are happy you are here.  Please look around and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Map of where PRIME patients have come from starting January 2016

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