The use of PRI Orthotics and PRIME



One of the key tenets of our treatment with PRIME is that we address any potential factor that we feel may be influencing “WHY” our patients have the issues they have. 

This includes addressing all of the sensory information that the brain is receiving which has direct influence on postural strategies and overall movement patterns.  We feel strongly this method of treatment gives us the ability to give the best results for our patients.  One of the primary issues that we look at is how your feet and ankles influence your gait pattern and upright sense of balance, as this can be a major factor in our patient’s ability to maintain their PT programs results.  We will address this early on in your assessment by looking at and recommending ideal footwear with specific shoes and, if necessary, utilizing specific custom foot orthotics for those with more specific needs. 

     Dr. Paul Coffin is a podiatrist from Sioux City, Iowa who has been making PRI orthotics for our patients at the Hruska Clinic for many years.  Paul still comes and sees patients at the Hruska Clinic once a month but may not be available for every PRIME week.  PRI orthotics are designed not just to treat foot problems but to change the way muscles are recruited from the foot to the hip (and higher) through subtle changes in the biomechanical alignment at the foot and ankle joint.  These orthotics are also allow us to alter or change the sensory input to the brain which it is utilizing to make judgements about upright orientation and which muscles need to be active to maintain balance against gravity.

Dave learning from Dr Coffin how to take an impression.

Dave Drummer, one of our Physical Therapists, has been taking orthotic impressions for Dr. Coffin for over 10 years.  Dave’s understanding of the human body and PRIME philosophy, along with his ability to take impressions and communicate with Dr Coffin, gives us a great tool to utilize for our patients when needed.  Dave is the one that will take impressions for our PRIME patients, unless we see a specific need for Dr Coffin to be involved in your case.  Any impression that Dave takes is specifically done in a way to gain all the needed information in terms of getting a proper foot impression in the correct bio-mechanical foot alignment, with the appropriate objective measurements and pictures to get an orthotic manufactured by Dr Coffin that allows us to have great success.  Our team will determine if a custom orthotic is a tool that you will benefit both through your intake paperwork and pictures we receive from you but also through our initial assessment when you get to Lincoln.  Typically if we think this may be a necessary tool we will tell you ahead of time.  If you need an orthotic our team will get you what you need.

Dave taking impressions and measurements for orthotics

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