Meet Kelsey: A PRIME testimonial and discussion on “Long-Haul COVID”

Meet Kelsey: Our conversation with Kelsey discusses her background and battle with “Long-Haul COVID” and how she found The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) and PRIME and how we have been able to help her as she continues to recover. We also have an important discussion on the role and impact of the autonomic nervous system and mental health plays in physical health, especially with Long-COVID. She is passionate about helping not only herself but others in their battle with Long-COVID.

If you are struggling with dysautonomia or long-COVID issues, we may be able to help, feel free to reach out to us at If you’d like to reach out to Kelsey with questions about her recovery, she’d be more than willing to help in whatever way she can. Leave us a comment and we will make sure she sees and can connect with you.

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