The PRIME program was established through the Hruska Clinic to meet the needs of people struggling with chronic issues stemming from postural imbalance that have been unable to be managed well without multiple disciplines involved.  There are a number of sensory driven systems in the human body that are utilized by our nervous system to control how we hold our bodies (posture) move our bodies, regulate autonomic or automatic function such as breathing and digestion, as well as how we process that information to make sense of our world around us.  When we lose proper sensory integration (input) of these systems the output of function is affected.  This can manifest in many different seemingly unrelated ways; this includes musculoskeletal pain and limitation of movement and strength such as neck or back pain, improper digestion, poor sleep quality or efficiency, poor respiration or breathing efficiency, poor balance or spatial awareness often recognized by patients as the symptom of dizziness, poor or limited cognitive processing which can be as far ranging as difficulty understanding written words without reading them over and over to downright confusion when challenged by a mental or physical task.  If you have symptoms that include some (but not necessarily all) of the broad categories above we feel that unless the sensory input into the system is managed properly changing the output of just one will be challenging at best. 

            The PRIME program has brought together expert practitioners and leaders in their respective fields to work together to manage patients with far ranging, complicated, interrelated symptoms that cannot be managed anywhere else.  The program will literally manage the sensory referencing of each patient from top to bottom (and even from outside the body) through coordinated specific orthotics to allow the system to attain a position of rest from where normal movement and function can resume.  Our dentist makes sure that any influence of the bite pattern or occlusion provides appropriate sensory stability and guidance for head and neck function with custom oral appliances.  This can have a significant impact on head aches, neck pain and ultimately can create stability in an unstable system.  Our optometrist/PT team, ensures that the visual input received from the eyes tells the brain the appropriate message of how to hold the body upright against gravity and move it through space with specific lenses placed in glasses to utilize with exercise and throughout the day.  This can have one of the most dramatic effects on pain patterns ranging from foot and ankle pain to headaches.  It also has a strong influence on the vestibular system helping with vestibular type symptoms.  Our foot specialists evaluate and assess how the input coming from your feet influence your ability to manage upright function such as walking and will identify appropriate footwear and/or orthotics to manage that.  This also can have effects throughout the body especially with upright function.  The physical therapist makes sure that each orthotic works together with the others to achieve and maintain a position of rest or neutrality, and then assists in relearning and restoring normal movement patterns through instruction in specific activities once the rest of the team members have normalized the input.  Without each team member doing their part together the ability to manage the entire system becomes challenging if not impossible and symptom relief is limited.

The PRIME program is currently the only program that brings together in one location each discipline working together to achieve maximal results.  If you are suffering from chronic issues that reach into those categories of neck pain/headaches or other musculoskeletal pain complaints, poor sleep, poor breathing, poor digestion, dizziness, limited sensory processing or cognitive difficulties and specific management has been ineffective, you may be a potential PRIME patient. 

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