PT and Vision integration FAQ

Physical Therapy and Vision Integration FAQsReposted with permission from www.hruskaclinic.comWhy do we integrate with Optometrists?The visual system plays a large role in giving our central nervous system the information it needs for how to move or hold yourself...

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PRI Orthotics and PRIME. How do we do it?

The use of PRI Orthotics and PRIME21JANUARY, 2020One of the key tenets of our treatment with PRIME is that we address any potential factor that we feel may be influencing “WHY” our patients have the issues they have.  This includes addressing all of the sensory...

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Are you a PRIME patient????

The PRIME program was established through the Hruska Clinic to meet the needs of people struggling with chronic issues stemming from postural imbalance that have been unable to be managed well without multiple disciplines involved.  There are a number of sensory...

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PRIME…Where are we now??

  In 2014, the Hruska Clinic recognized that we were challenged in how we were treating patients with a multidisciplinary approach especially patients that came to see us from out of the area. Out of this need to improve our level of care we started our PRIME...

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Are PRIME vision glasses prism glasses???

What is a prism?  A prism is theoretically any optical lens, regardless of whether there is power in it for making you see more clearly or not.  A prism creates an illusion, by displacing light so that the location of where an object viewed through it...

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