Download all application or triage forms here.  Also download other printable information on PRIME to share with others.

PRIME Application Packet

For potential patients

Click here to download our PRIME application packet including the questionnaire and instructions on how to apply to PRIME.

If you have questions about the packet or need a Word file rather than .pdf file please contact us at

PRIME Referral form

For health care practitioners

If you are a referring someone for PRIME please download this one page referral form fill it out and return it to us to assist us in gaining information on your patient.

**The patient also needs to download and fill out the application forms.


PRIME Information Packet

Click here for a downloadable PRIME Information Packet if you want printable information on our PRIME program including a general summary of what we do, the team members and how to get in contact with us.

Coming to Lincoln for PRIME?

Click the logo above for a downloadable packet including information on lodging, food, what to bring and what to expect when you come to see us.

Click here for an interactive map of PRIME locations and recommended lodging.

Click here for a printable map of PRIME office locations, recommended lodging and a list of what to bring and expect when you come to PRIME.

Click here for printable map of restaurants/food options near to PRIME

For other questions contact us if you need more information.

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