Our PRIME Clinical Integration Specialists/Hruska Clinic Physical Therapists and our PRIME Dental team all attended the first Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Occlusal Cervical Revolution continuing education conference.  At this course Ron Hruska, a part of our PRI Vision team with PRIME, presented on his 45 years of experience with integration of dental occlusion with postural patterns.  The science of PRI that serves as the backbone of our PRIME program comes from this many years of exploration, non-conformist thinking, and patient care experience.  Teaching and learning this information was rewarding and validating to the methods we utilize with our PRIME patients.  Dental integration is a big piece that fist so well with our other teammates in our PRIME program.  Read more about the Hruska Clinic’s experience at this course, and the special guests we hosted, on thier blog HERE!

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