If you’ve been treated by a Postural Restoration(PRI)® trained professional you probably have heard them utilize the term “neutral”.  This is an initial goal that lets those professionals know your body is in a good position.  If you haven’t seen a PRI trained therapist we feel that this is a very important step to helping you recover.  For patients that need to come to PRIME often the biggest issue the referring professional has is that they cant get or keep their patients Neutral.  It becomes the big obsession and goal and we can often become so over-focued on that, that we forget that it is actually just the starting line to our rehab process.  Sometimes you have to run a long way just to get to the starting line.  Check out this video below from Lori, one of our PRIME case managers and a PT at the Hruska Clinic as she describes what neutral is and what it really means to our program!

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