The Hruska Clinic staff has recently updated their Summer shoe list.  This new list includes more categories and options to help guide proper footwear for patients and healthcare practitioners.  The expansion of this shoe list comes largely due to the work we are doing in PRIME that has heightened the need to guide proper footwear.  The categories of shoes on this list have been expanded to give patients and therapists more direction when picking the best shoe for the primary needs that are to be addressed.  For example, a large percentage of patients we see in our PRIME program initially have a primary need for neuro-sensory input from the floor through the shoe and are often recommended to start in a New Balance 1080 shoe.  As they gain in competency of that neuro-sensory input we may have to transition them to a different shoe based on other needs that are more pertinent to their current limitations such as calcaneal instability or mid foot laxity etc.  Therefore the New Balance shoe, while great initially, at some point may not always be the best shoe based on the primary need for that patient at that time.  As we found we were needing to change shoe recommendations based on the progression of needs and goals we have for each patient, our shoe list needed to be a more dynamic list.  We feel we have created a better guide to help direct our patients and other health care practitioners.  Feel free to comment if you have questions about the list.

To download the list click HERE.

To watch a video of Lori describing the video click HERE

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