PRIME Dentistry

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Dr Rebecca Hohl, DDS, MS

Orthodontist, PRIME Dental Team

Dr Hohl provides invaluable insight and input for our PRIME team through disgnostic records, examination and consultation.  Her integrative perspective for the influence of tooth and cranial position is invaluable.  She will also provide assistance with orthodontia recommendations as well as palatal expansion and airway management as needed.

Dr Chris Campbell, DDS

Dentist, PRIME Dental Team

Dr Chris and her clinical team assist us in fabrication of our dental appliances.  She takes impressions, bite registrations, and seats and equilibrates the splints with the assistance of the Clincial Integration Specialist(TM) ensuring proper neck and body position are maintained.  She will make recommendations as she sees need if other dental issues may be playing a role.

PRIME Dental Concepts

To learn more about the concepts we use with our dental teams click here for a printable handout.