PRIME team members, Dr Rebecca Hohl, Dr. Heidi Wise, and Dr Paul Coffin were able to present at this years Postural Restoration Institute® annual Advanced Integration course.  This course is taught yearly through the Postural Restoration Institute® under the direction of Ron Hruska, PT and takes course material from the introductory courses offered to put the pieces together as to how the body works as a whole unit.    This course enables the participants to advance their knowledge of integrating multiple parts of the body together to me more effective clinicians.  Each night following the course a speaker discussed ways their particular discipline can integrate with the material taught in the course.  Dr. Hohl taught about the influence of teeth and jaw position on the neck and the rest of the body, Dr Wise discussed the visual system’s interplay with the body, and Dr Coffin put the pieces together looking at the influence foot position has on function.  It is always great to be able to show how each of these pieces work with each other.  The ability to have each of these tremendous participants on our team is what makes PRIME so unique and special.  Great job guys!

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