PRIME Podiatry

Learn more about the ways we manage our patients from the ground up using the sense of where you are at through your feet either with a change of footwear (shoes) or a custom fit orthotic manufactured by Dr. Paul Coffin, DPM.

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Dr. Paul Coffin, DPM

Dr. Paul Coffin, DPM

Podiatrist, Orthotic specialist

Dr Coffin comes to Lincoln, NE from his home office in Sioux City, IA to see patients at the Hruska Clinic and for PRIME.  He manufactures PRI Orthotics for practitioners across the country.  His expertise in biomechanics from the ground up is a blessing for our program.

PRI orthotics and PRIME

Click here to read a blog post on PRI orthotics and how we utilize Dr Coffin and Dave for impressions when needed for our PRIME patients.

Hruska Clinic Shoe List

Click here for a downloadable Hruska Clinic Shoe list.  If you want more information on how the list is developed click here to visit the Hruska Clinic website or watch the video below to hear it directly from Lori!


PRI Orthotics and PRIME. How do we do it?

The use of PRI Orthotics and PRIME21JANUARY, 2020One of the key tenets of our treatment with PRIME is that we address any potential factor that we feel may be influencing “WHY” our patients have the issues they have.  This includes addressing all of the sensory...

New and Improved Summer 2018 Shoe list is out!

The Hruska Clinic staff has recently updated their Summer shoe list.  This new list includes more categories and options to help guide proper footwear for patients and healthcare practitioners.  The expansion of this shoe list comes largely due to the work we are...

New 2018 Hruska Clinic Shoe list is out!

Thanks to Lori Thomsen, one of our PRIME Clinical Integration Specialists and PT at Hruska Clinic, and staff for updating the 2018 recommended shoe list.  Proper support and sensory input from the foot and ankle is something we feel strongly needs to be managed well...

Orthotics or Sensory inserts: Support vs. Sense

Orthotics or Sensory inserts:  Support vs. Sense 12 Sept, 2017 PRIME Ground Podiatry One of the main treatment tenets that we rest our program on is our ability and desire to restore and maximize normal upright orientation and “alignment” so the need for compensatory...

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