PRIME services now may include online consultation


AUGUST, 2020

Because of increased demand, and our ability to offer a unique perspective and recommendations for many patients, The Hruska Clinic, through our PRIME program, is pleased to announce that we will be adding an option for online consulting for patients or PRI practitioners.

This platform allows us to offer our perspective on implementation of and integration of Postural Restoration® and multidisciplinary services. In our role through the PRIME program we feel we can offer online consultation services to patients or PRI trained practitioners that would like some guidance with multidisciplinary integration issues.

Prior to being seen for online consultation each patient or practitioner must fill out our PRIME application so we can triage and collect all needed information prior to recommending online consultation or other options. By collecting this information we hope to ensure we can offer as much guidance as we can. Each application will be triaged and looked by our PRIME staff, and additional information may be requested prior to setting up a session. Once we feel we have information to make good decisions, we will contact each patient to discuss our recommendations regarding online consultations or other avenues of treatment.

Once we have adequate information from either the patient or PRI trained practitioner our recommendations may include:

1. Referral to local Physical Therapists, or PRI practitioners, for physical therapy services if  deemed necessary

2. Recommendations to PRI practitioners to assist in treating their patients with activity recommendations or  multidisciplinary integration needs

3. Recommendations to come to Lincoln as part of our multidisciplinary PRIME program.

4.  Reccomendations to do an online consultation to gather more information and/or to discuss potential activities or integration needs with potential for follow-up sessions.  Depending on how the online consultation progresses we will contunially make recommendations that may always include the 3 points above.

If you are interested or would like more information, contact us at the Hruska Clinic at 402-467-4545 or through our PRIME program e-mail at


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