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As we look forward to what is to come in 2018 here at PRIME have decided that we would love to be able to better Engage with our patients and referral sources and other people who may be interested in what is going on with our program.  So we have decided that we...

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What is this neutrality thing? Why does that matter?

If you've been treated by a Postural Restoration(PRI)® trained professional you probably have heard them utilize the term "neutral".  This is an initial goal that lets those professionals know your body is in a good position.  If you haven't seen a PRI trained...

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Orthotics or Sensory inserts: Support vs. Sense

Orthotics or Sensory inserts:  Support vs. Sense 12 Sept, 2017 PRIME Ground Podiatry One of the main treatment tenets that we rest our program on is our ability and desire to restore and maximize normal upright orientation and “alignment” so the need for compensatory...

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Virtual Reality Sickness = Real Virtual Sickness

Virtual Reality Sickness = Real Virtual Sickness 19 JUNE, 2017 Using the struggles of technology to address and inform what we do in PRIME for patients with dizziness, dysautonomic issues, and difficulty with upright function. While I am not a big technology or game...

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